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Event guidelines

I always try my best to organize unique and valuable fursuit events, which mainly focus on interaction with the general public to create long lasting memories for both the attendees as well as the audience. A prerequisite is, however, that we all pull together to achieve this. Therefore, in collaboration with other fursuit event organizers, I created some guidelines for everyone who likes to join me on my journeys. Some of you might think these guidelines are somewhat restrictive, but they're the reason why we always get privileges like access to changing rooms and sometimes even free catering.

The event guidelines were most recently updated in June 2019.

1. Fursuiters

1.1 - Fursuiter tasks

Fursuiters of course are the main group of attendees as they're the reason why we meet up for events in the first place. Your objective is to play your character with passion and thereby entertain all kinds of people. Fursuiters are directly subordinated to supervisors.

1.2 - Fursuit approval

If you like to play as a specific character at my events make sure to add the respective fursuit to your collection on this website. However newly added fursuits aren't ready to use immediately as every entry needs to be manually approved by me first. This usually takes a day or two. Please consider this timeframe when planning to register for events.

1.3 - Character quality

Every fursuit needs to have a certain level of quality to be used at my events. This means you need to make sure that both the outer appearance as well as the maintenance state of it are in excellent condition. But the reputation of your character adds to this, too, which means that there mustn't be any inappropriate content publicly available in terms of text, images or videos.

1.4 - Partial fursuits

Partial fursuits are generally allowed, but it's usually more complicated to voice my approval than with full body fursuits, as it's pretty hard to get the look right. Most fursuits are designed in a somewhat cartoony way with larger proportions and simpler color palettes than usual, which should also reflect in the clothing and accessories the character wears.

1.5 - Public performance

The main focus of my events is to create long lasting memories with the fantastic characters you and all the other attendees have created. But this only works, if the illusion stays intact at all times. Therefore it's necessary that you stay in fursuit and character and behave appropriate the whole time you're in public areas, except for emergencies, of course. This also includes the use of your voice.

1.6 - Interaction

Although interacting with the general public is one of the main things while fursuiting at my events, always make sure to respect the private space of others. Never force anyone, especially children, to interact with you if it's clearly visible that they're afraid of your fursuit or your performance. In addition, please don't do anything you might not be able to fully control in fursuit due to the limited movement and vision.

2. Supervisors

2.1 - Supervisor tasks

Being a supervisor at my events means to be in charge of a trouble-free planning and execution on site. This includes the allocation of attendees, managing performance and break times, guiding attendees along routes or areas, communicating internally as well as externally and handling emergency situations. If you like to take on the supervisor role make sure you're capable of doing this as it certainly isn't a job for everyone.

2.2 - Radio communication

Usually all supervisors are equipped with a radio device during my events for scheduling and arrangements during the day. These devices use a publicly usable frequency band, which means they're able to be intercepted. Therefore, and to keep the other supervisors focussed on their tasks, please use them in case of necessity and as intended only. In addition please handle the radio devices with care as they weren't exactly cheap.

2.3 - Public image

My events are publicly known under the name of Living Characters. It's a label to make it easier for all of us to get access to professional events as it explains our passion without the need to describe a whole fandom behind it. As the supervisors are the usual contact persons on site you should know what Living Characters is about and refer to it while talking to other people. Find out more about my Living Characters label on this website:

3. Spotters

3.1 - Spotter tasks

The role of spotters at my events is to help the fursuiters with their surroundings and make the performances look effortless for the public. This means you need to assist fursuiters whenever they cannot handle something by themselves, prevent hazardous situations caused by other people or the environment and, as the circumstances require, carry refreshments for fursuiters on the go. Spotters are directly subordinated to supervisors.

2.2 - Being unremarkable

Although spotters are always close to the fursuiters and therefore always next to the center of attention they should stay unremarkable in the background. This means that you keep an appropriate distance to fursuiters when people are around to make sure everyone feels invited to interact with them. Situations that require you to intervene are excepted of course.

4. Specials

4.1 - Specials tasks

This type of attendance is for everyone who doesn't fit in any of the other ones due to miscellaneous reasons. There's one thing you and everyone else in this group has in common though: There are no kind of management tasks you have to think about. This means you're free to do whatever you planned to with choosing this group.

4.2 - Permission required

The group of specials seems to be perfect as there's not a single task to do, so why isn't everyone choosing it? Because there's a catch, of course. Only people with a permission issued by me are eligible to attend as special to keep the ratio of non-fursuiters at events as low as possible. But don't worry, if you're new to all of this. There's usually a spot reserved for people who like to attend my events for the first time.

5. All attendees

5.1 - Age restrictions

I'd like to welcome all of you, but because of the law for the protection of children and youth in Germany there's a minimum age of 14 years to attend any of my events. At specific events this might also increase to 16 or 18 years, depending on underlying conditions. These restrictions aren't negotiable, sorry.

5.2 - Outer appearance

As the target audience of most of my events is families with children please refrain from wearing too extraordinary clothing and accessories during our performance. The use of badges should be avoided as well, as they're usually more of a hindrance than a help. Always remember that we're most times invited by a company or an organization and get special privileges, which takes a lot of effort to achieve. You don't want to make a bad impression.