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Event guidelines

I always try my best to organize unique and valuable fursuit events, which mainly focus on interaction with the general public to create long lasting memories for both the attendees as well as the audience. A prerequisite is, however, that we all pull together to achieve this. Therefore, in collaboration with other fursuit event organizers, I created some guidelines for everyone who likes to join me on my journeys. Some of you might think these guidelines are somewhat restrictive, but they're the reason why we always get privileges like access to changing rooms and sometimes even free catering.

The event guidelines were most recently updated in April 2019.

1. Fursuiters

1.1 - Fursuit approval

If you like to play as a specific character at my events make sure to add the respective fursuit to your collection on this website. However newly added fursuits aren't ready to use immediately as every entry needs to be manually approved by me first. This usually takes a day or two. Please consider this timeframe when planning to register for events.

1.2 - Character quality

Every character needs to have a certain level of quality to be used at my events. This means you need to make sure that both the outer appearance as well as the maintenance state of your fursuit are in excellent condition. But the reputation of your character adds to this, too, which means that there mustn't be any inappropriate content publicly available in terms of text, images or videos.

1.3 - Partial fursuits

Partial fursuits are generally allowed, but it's usually more complicated to voice my approval than with full body fursuits, as it's pretty hard to get the look right with partials. Most fursuits are designed in a somewhat cartoony way with larger proportions and simpler color palettes than usual, which should also reflect in the clothing and accessories the character wears.

1.4 - Public performance

The main focus of my events is to create long lasting memories with the fantastic characters you and all the other attendees have created. But this only works, if the illusion stays intact at all times. Therefore it's necessary that you stay in fursuit and character and behave appropriate the whole time you're in public areas, except for emergencies, of course. This also includes the use of your voice.

1.5 - Interaction

Although interacting with the general public is one of the main things while fursuiting at my events, always make sure to respect the private space of others. Never force anyone, especially children, to interact with you if it's clearly visible that they're afraid of your fursuit or your performance. In addition, please don't do anything you might not be able to fully control in fursuit due to the limited movement and vision.

2. Supervisors

I'm working on an updated set of guidelines for supervisors. Please refer to the old ones till they're ready.

3. Spotters

I'm working on an updated set of guidelines for spotters. Please refer to the old ones till they're ready.

4. Specials

I'm working on a new set of guidelines for specials. They should be ready soon.

5. All attendees

I'm working on an updated set of guidelines for all attendees. Please refer to the old ones till they're ready.