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I'm a passionate fursuit event organizer with the self-imposed aspiration to always offer high-class opportunities for you to perform your character. The list below shows you what's next with additional information available already. Please note that you need to be logged in for full access.

Oh? It seems like there are no events coming up soon. That's such a shame.

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Some events already have a date, but other details aren't clarified yet. So there's nothing really to do yet, but one essential thing: Save the dates. You can't go wrong with it, really.

As eagerly as I would like to show you some events here, there are simply none at the moment.


When there's no event happening it's always great to wallow in memories of past ones. No matter if you're a content consumer or creator, this place is made for you. Just decide on an event and select the name of a contributor alongside to see all their gorgeous media.

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Pumpkin Party

31-10-2021 - City center, Duisburg


Christmas Critters

08-12-2019 - Christmas market, city center, Duisburg


Sparkling City

01-12-2019 - Christmas market, city center, Mülheim a.d. Ruhr


These are the three most recent events, but there's much more to see. Find photos and videos of 4 more events at the archive next door.