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Name: Colin
Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Black Forest, Germany
First seen: May 13th, 2013
Favorite color: Gold
Favorite food: Surf 'n' Turf


Colin was born in the Black Forest like his older cousin Cody and even grew up in the same village. With playing pranks on his friends and fooling many others it quickly became clear that Colin is much cheekier than Cody and even a bit reckless at times. It didn't take long until he was bored of the small valley he was living in and made plans to move to a place with more 'fun'. As Colin was fascinated by surfing and always wanted to live next to the beach he found California would be the perfect place for this plan and soon after left Germany with a heavy heart, but also with a thrill of anticipation towards his new home. Now, some years later, Colin is back to visit his cousin Cody and check out if Europe is still this boring as it was years ago.