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This website and its contents aren't a company driven project or website, but rather just my passion to create awesome things. Nevertheless I respect your privacy and generally collect data only, if it's required to run this website with all its services. This page shows you what kind of data is collected in detail as well as which technologies are used to achieve this.

Responsible for the collection of data

The responsible person for the collection of data is me, Codydawg, the operator of this website. You can find more information on the "about" page.

Encrypted transmission

All traffic between your browser and my website takes place using a TLS encryption, which offers safety in the best possible way. You can recognize the secured connection by the "https://" prefix, which is part of the website address. But please be aware that there's never a completely safe data transmission in the internet and therefore there's always a remaining risk.


My website uses so-called cookies to save information. These are small text files which your browser saves on the disk of your device to allow for a better user experience. One of these cookies, for example, contains your decision about the anonymous data logging so that I don't need to ask you again every time you visit my website.

Your browser allows to disable the storage of cookies in general or for individual sites and in addition has an option to delete already stored cookies. But please note that as a result my website might not work properly anymore.

Matomo Open Analytics Platform

If you like to help make my website better and therefore agreed on the anonymous data logging the web analytics software Matomo collects and evaluates several information about your visit. These information mainly consist of the pages you visit including the length of stay, your approximate location in a perimeter of a few kilometers and statistics about the device, the operating system as well as the browser you use.

Every device connected to the internet receives a unique IP from the provider that allows for identification. This IP is automatically anonymized by Matomo by shortening it halfway through. This makes it impossible to trace data back to you or any other person, even retrospectively. The stated data is collected, processed and permanently stored in Germany without sharing it with third parties.

If you initially agreed to the storage of cookies for an anonymous data logging and you changed your mind here's a way to withdraw your consent right away. Just click on the link below:

Withdraw consent

Google services

To create a consistent and flawless experience on my website I use the JavaScript library jQuery hosted on Google servers as well as the Google Fonts service, which processes fonts for usage in the internet and makes them compatible with many browsers and operating systems. Therefore a connection to several Google servers is established as soon as you access my website, which means you're subject to Google's privacy policy and their principles of data sharing. You can find more information here:

Account data

All your account related data is stored in a protected database located in Germany with just me and a few other administrators having access. At the moment only your account username as well as the names of your registered fursuits may be visible for other logged in users in certain circumstances, however this might change in the future. In addition to the information you enter by yourself the following automatically generated data is also accessible for administrators: The date and time you created your account, the date and time you last updated any data, the date and time you last visited my website logged in as well as the current states of your account and your fursuit(s). You have the option to request the data stored by me, let me update any information in case something is wrong or let me delete everything at any time. Please use the contact form to do so.

Contact form

My contact form takes the work out of your hands by entering your name and email address automatically, if you're logged in. Just log out in case you like to enter these information by yourself. All data entered, regardless of whether it is filled in automatically or manually, is transfered by email as secure as possible by today's standards and stored indefinitely for further approach. You have the option to request the data stored by me, withdraw your consent for logging or let me delete everything at any time. Please also use the contact form to do so.