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I started to work on websites for fun more than 10 years ago and it remains an interesting hobby till today. Over the years my projects evolved from simple and static pages to dynamically rendered, database driven structures like the one you're currently on. But this is not the only website I currently maintain. Check these out.

Arend Studios


Arend Studios is a fursuit builder from Denver, Colorado and well known across not only the United States but also Europe for its unique and sturdy works of art.

The pages today are already the third version of this website. What once started as an individual german redesign of the original english pages is now a complete package with information, images and quote assistance not only in one, but five languages. Although this project might not be the latest in web technology, it's still completely compatible with every major browser and surprisingly easy to use on mobile devices.


  • First version ready in October 2007
  • Current version online since October 2011
  • Desktop friendly layout
  • Designed for multiple languages

Living Characters


Living Characters helps to explain what fursuit events are for people who are not involved and makes it easier for me and other hosts to connect to companies and organizations.

I created not only this website, but also the whole concept of this corporate style presentation of fursuit events. I wanted to make it simple to understand and had the same goal in mind for the website. To achieve this there are just five regular pages with all information, participating characters and event photos straight to the point. Even administration is effortless as all crucial content is rendered dynamically based on information stored in a database. This also allows to manage multiple groups with different participants and events on one single website.


  • Version 1 online since March 2015
  • Mobile and desktop friendly layout
  • Support for high density displays
  • Dynamically rendered pages
  • Designed for multiple languages